Monday, October 24, 2011

Thank God, Gilad Shalit, the young Israel soldier has finally been released.

After 5 years of being held by his palestinian kidnappers, Gilad was exchanged for 1,027 palestinian terrorists.

It's a good thing it happened when it did - Gilad appears to have been treated less than well, and very likely wouldn't have survived the conditions of his incarceration for much longer, in contrast to the very, very humane conditions under which the 1027 palestinian terrorists were kept. Had young Gilad died, the palestinians would not have had such a valuable bargaining chip, and they knew it - that's why they finally agreed to the lopsided exchange.

You may be wondering - What did Gilad Shalit do to deserve his capture, and subsequent incarceration?

The answer is simple, at least to any veteran, such as myself: He contributed to the defense of his country, by serving in the IDF, the Israel Defense Force.

In glaring contrast, the palestinian terrorists, more than deserving of their punishment, perpetrated horrific acts of wanton violence against Israeli men, women, and children, out of a profound sense of hatred for the Jewish people.

Once again, Israel gives more than a thousand times what she receives in international dealings with thug-mentality heathens.

When will the world wake up and see what is really happening in the Middle East? When will the world come to the defense of the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel - Israel, who is surrounded by theocratic arab countries bent on her destruction?

God bless Israel. The land, and the people.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Israel Being Smeared by Liberal Media

Our modern media makes very little effort to report what is actually going on in Israel, so most people do not know the terror of having their homes bombed by terrorists on a daily basis, or by Arab Muslim suicide bombers detonating bombs in crowded areas, killing innocent families, such as the Fogel family in Jerusalem.

Israel has long been tolerant of the injustice that has been imposed on her, and has shown remarkable restraint in not retaliating against these vicious attacks.

Israel has many times given land to Arab Muslims in exchange for a promise of peace. This promise has never been honored by the Arab Muslims. Rather, they use the newly acquired land to get closer still to the heart of Israel, giving them newer, better places from which to launch their attacks.

So far this year, Palestinians in Gaza have fired 170 rockets, missiles or mortars at Israeli towns and villages, including several military-grade Grad rockets at the major cities of Beersheba, Ashdod and Ashkelon.

No other nation on the planet is so peace-loving that they would tolerate this slaughter - but, yet Israel has.

The Obama administration has failed to help block the dangerous advance of the so-called "Palestinian" peoples' attempt to take land to which they have no historical claim.

In an attempt to eradicate all memory and knowledge of Israel, when the Romans defeated the Jews in 70 C.E., they destroyed their temple, and renamed the Jewish region 'Palestine' after the biblical Philistines, as an insult to them.

Historically, "Palestinians" are Jews. It wasn't until the 20th century, after Israel reclaimed their homeland and rejected the name of Palestine, that Arab Muslims adopted the name "Palestine" and "Palestinians" in an attempt to lend validity to their false claim on the land.

They USA and the rest of the civilized world must use all their diplomatic tools, and exert all their influence on the nations of the world to help bring about peace in the middle east - but, bullying the reasonable, accommodating nation of Israel is NOT the way to achieve this - pressuring Arab Muslims to behave in a civil manner however, IS one way to help achieve this goal.

Anyone that believes that the people of Gaza or the west bank are suffering in poverty, need only visit the region to see the affluence of those two regions. Arab Muslims of the area do NOT want that fact to be made public, but it is easy to verify, using nothing more than internet search engines, if you are not able to make a visit to the middle east. The observant visitor will see staged victim scenes, with props that are easily distinguishable as fake.

Try being objective and fair-minded, and seek out the facts - SEEK OUT WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON. You may be surprised. You may be disappointed, or you may be relieved, or you may be glad at what you discover. But whatever your reaction, know this: you MAY just discover the truth.

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Friday, April 01, 2011

Shocking Displacement of Israelis in Israel

In a move that is being compared to what happened in 2005, Israeli soldiers are being trained to, and forced to, displace their own people in the so called 'settlements' to appease the non-existent so called 'nation' of palestine.

See here for more on this outrageous injustice:

All believers are urged to pray against this obvious attack coming direct from haSatan.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yeshua = Salvation!